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2023 Summer Dance Intensive


June 12 - August 13

9 weeks



With the External School Program you can customize your package and choose the best classes for your students, as well as indicate how many days a week they will need for each class.

Yoga and Meditation - Each day will start off with a yoga and meditation session. This class explores the mind-body connection by utilizing the limbs of yoga that enhance concentration. More specifically, we explore breath-work, meditation, poses and chakra healing. After taking this class you will be able to utilize specific poses to heal physical and spiritual blocks, as well as use breath-work to induce meditation and quiet the mind. Quieting the mind allows the body to be more free to move and to create.


Creative Development - This class focuses on providing students with the tools to have a successful career in the arts. This involves activities that evoke creativity and require the students to think outside of the box to create something new. This class also walks through the various career paths of a dancer and provides insight into pursuing these paths. We take a step back to create a safe space, master essential dance vocabulary and learn about dance history that is both culturally affirming and inspirational.


Horton - The Horton technique is the first professional modern technique that brown and black people were welcome to join in on. We will utilize various Horton exercises to strengthen small and large muscles needed to execute any style of dance. In this class you will learn essential fortifications, preludes, and explore textures and aesthetics that make dance more dynamic and impactful.


Ballet - In this class we build a foundation for dance by focusing on proper alignment and positioning essential to execute technical movement. This class serves as intense body conditioning and strives to improve the flexibility and core strength of the students. After taking this class students will know the positions of the feet, arms, and core. They will also understand and internalize the geometric formulas needed for various turns and jumps. 


HipHop - This class goes on a journey beginning with the five elements of HipHop, highlighting break-dancing. It then explores the history and fundamentals of pop-locking, tutting and krumping. HipHop serves as a cultural stimulus and enhances the students' sense of self expression.


Majorette - This class serves as preparation for young students who want to dance on the collegiate level. They will learn the basics of being a part of a HBCU majorette team, as well as explore different HBCU team options. After taking this class, students will feel efficient at “throwing stands”, doing field shows, and executing parade marches. Finally, they will develop a technical advantage, enhancing their chances of being selected for official teams.


Jazz - This class will focus on high-energy technique combinations that are both cultural and historically stylistic. Students will learn the art of broadway and pop jazz, expanding their potential for a professional career in dance. Students will also learn the history of jazz, exploring its Southern roots and ties to Jazz music.


Full Program Tuition is $325 . This does not include the non-refundable $75 registration fee. Tuition can be paid in one lump sum or a payment arrangement can be made. Scholarships are also available.


 - Plan A: 4 Bi-weekly payments of $85

 - Plan B: 2 Monthly payments of $165


- Talent Scholarship: Students may qualify for the talent scholarship in one of two ways. They can attend the Scholarship class or send in a link to a 1 min solo in any style of dance of their chose. This scholarship can cover up to 30-100% of your tuition.

- Financial Scholarship: Students may qualify for the financial scholarship by sending an email to briefly explaining your goals for attend the program and how/why a scholarship would help you achieve this goal.

Dress and Conduct Codes

For technique classes (Ballet, Horton, and Jazz) students will wear a solid color leotard, nude or black colored tights and the respective shoes. Ballet, Jazz, or Tap shoes may need to be purchased based on your customized package.


We hold our students to a high level of professionalism and strive to create a balance between preparing them for a career of disciplined focus and having a great time. Attendance is imperative as our curriculum is cumulative and a day missed can put your student behind. Any student later than 8 minutes to class will be asked to take notes for that class unless otherwise permitted by that individual instructor.



Meals and Food


Light snacks and water will be provided, but we encourage you to send your student with lunch or money to order something nearby and a refillable water Jug.


Monday - Thursdays 11:30am - 3:30pm 

June 13- August 11

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