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Art by Benjamin Wright 



(In no particular order)


Alana Hawkins ………...…………………Founder

Taylor Futrell ...........Assistant Director

Jeremiah Jordan ……........ Company Member

Bernadette Chatman ….. Company Member

Chelsea Lemon. ……………...Company Member

Tatiana Serrato ..…….………Company Member

Tiara Walker …………..….….. Company Member

Kameron Reynolds …..… Company Member


“Black Herstory” will take you on a journey from an ancient Egyptian courtyard, through the doors of the HHOH Juke Joint and drop you off right at the birth of HipHop. Much will be learned as the great Langston Hughes narrates a night of nostalgic music and beautiful choreography surrounded by groundbreaking visual design by Chicago native Benjamin Wright.


*Act One*


Intro - The Royal Entrance

Music (“G.O.M.D’ JCole & “I Too” Langston Hughes )

Creative Direction  by Alana Hawkins & Taylor Futrell


  1. Ngoma ya minugu

Music (“You’re too Precious” James Blake)

Performed by: Alana Hawkins, Taylor Futrell, Tatiana Serrato and Bernadette Chatman

Choreographed by Alana Hawkins 

Ngoma ya minugu translates to “Dance of the Goddesses” and is a tribute to the great eygptian deities Isis, Hekate, Oshun and Hathor.


                                                                                                                  2. Tribe Dance

Music (Live Drumming by “Jayshun)

Performed by: Entire cast

Choreographed by Alana Hawkins, Jeremiah Jordan, & Taylor Futrell

Celebration of ancient tribal culture with high energy African inspired movement to live drums.


Set Transition

Music (“The Struggle ” Langston Hughes )


*Act Two*


                                                                                                                 3. Stand Up

Music (“Stand Up”Cynthia Erivo)

Performed by: Kameron Reynolds & Cast

Choreographed by Kameron Reynolds

Creative direction by Alana Hawkins

A piece that captures the emotional depth of living life on a plantation.


                                                                                                               4. Endurance

Music (“Running Away” by Blood Orange)

Performed by Entire Cast

Choreographed by Alana Hawkins

An illustration of the emotional and physical endurance required to escape slavery by way of the underground railroad.


Set Transition & Intermission

Music (“Moanin” Charles Mingus )


*Act Three*


Intro - HHOH Juke Joint

Music (“The Story of the blues” Langston Hughes )

Creative Direction  by Alana Hawkins


                                                                                                             5. Billie Holiday 

Music (“Summertime ” Billie Holiday )

Performed by Tiara Walker, Jeremiah Jordan, Kameron Reynolds & Chelsea Lemon

Choreographed by Alana Hawkins

Billie Holiday hosts the Juke Joint and gets all the lovers dancing as she sings her infamous hit “Summertime”.


                                                                                                              6. Club Swing

Music (“What’d I Say” Ray Charles )

Performed by Entire Cast

Choreographed by Alana Hawkins

Nostalgic high energy dances capturing old school dinner and swing vibes.


                                                                                                              7. Banana Dance

Music (“I’m Feeling Like a Million ” Josephine Baker)

Performed by Alana Hawkins

Choreographed by Alana Hawkins

Our version of Josephine Baker’s “Banana Dance”.


                                                                                                              8. Three’s Company 

Music (“It Don’t Mean a Thing” Louis Armstrong)

Performed by Jeremiah Jordan, Taylor Futrell & Tatiana Serrato

Choreographed by Alana Hawkins

A high energy, tap and swing trio.


*Final Act*


Set Transition

Music (“The Dream Keeper ” Langston Hughes  )


                                                                                                                   9. Outro

Music (“Rappers Delight ” The Sugar Hill Gang)

Performed by Entire cast

Choreographed and Directed by:

Entire Cast

A celebration of hip hop culture that leads to a massive soul train line.


Special Thanks to




Silent Funny

Venue partner


    Pilsen Vintage Thrift

Wardrobe partner


Retro Design Co

Wardrobe partner


GQ Gentlemen Chicago

Wardrobe partner


Other Special Acknowledgment 


Diamond Dance Company, Domenek Inzeo, Latoya Hocker, Litisha Hawkins, Jamila Lee, Shanelle Jones, Cicily Cummings, Katherine Smith, Charles Augine, Saundra Fortune Green, Debbie Allen, Christopher Huggins, Taylor Futrell, Jayshun the drummer, Jason Brown, Neveah Hocker, Aja Inzeo, Jade Inzeo, and most importantly the Sun.


All praises to Rah

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